Boxes and Bows

The world of chocolate is full of fancy boxes, ribbons and bags and unfortunately cannot be recycled and end up in landfill.

Chocoterie has made a conscious effort to ensure our packaging can be either recycled, composted or re-used.

Our boxes are made from kraft card, a low impact, recycled material. Our gift boxes can be reused for many other things time and again.

Our gift tags and cards are also made of kraft card with minimal ink, keep the tag and use it again!

We use natural raffia to tie our boxes, reuse or compost!

Some of our chocolate comes in tins, keep them, reuse them.

We are phasing out our current sachets and testing a compostable version (this takes time to find the right ones, but we are getting there)

Yes, we have taken the colour out of our chocolate packaging – it’s brown! But together we can work towards making the world a greener place.