About Us

We think our chocolates speak for themselves, but just to let you know we make all our own fillings, fondants, caramel sauce, candy or dry the fruit we use. We make in small batches to maintain freshness and quality and where possible source as many ingredients locally. We don’t use anything artificial, ever. We source our chocolate from a company in France. We hope by the end of 2021 we will be using all organic ingredients, a new venture for us, but a step in the right direction.

Our workshop is tucked away in deepest South West France where we spend our days creating, making and spreading the love of chocolate everywhere we can. That makes for a lot of washing up at the end of the day, but it is our mission to bring you the finest chocolates we possibly can, including our growing range of gluten free and vegan chocolates.

Lastly, we also have a bricks and mortar shop, Le Petit Café, in the heart of our pretty village, Serres et Montguayard. It is sadly, for the moment closed due to the COVID pandemic, but when we re-open we will have our shelves stacked with our delicious chocolates, biscuits and other delights. If you like to get off the beaten track then please visit us, have a coffee, maybe some cake, maybe lunch and discover our unique brand of artisan chocolates. Why wouldn't you?